1.3 - Start and test the app

1.3 - Start and test our application

Now that the application is installed and the database configured it is ready to be started.

The following steps are performed from the MEAN instance command line using either your own SSH client or Lightsail’s web-based SSH access.

  • Change into the application directory

    cd ~/todo
  • Start the application by executing the following command

    sudo DEBUG=app:* ./bin/www

    You should see a message such as:

    app:* Listening on port 80 +0ms
  • From the Lightsail console home page get the IP address of the MEAN instance and navigate to that address in a web browser.

You should see the Todo application running. Add a task or two to make sure it’s working as expected. You can also see the host that is serving up the web front-end (this will become more important in the next section).

You can also check the output in your SSH session to verify everything is working