1.1 - Build the LAMP instance

The first step in deploying the sample application is creating a LAMP stack instance in Lightsail.

  • From the Lightsail console home page click Create Instance

  • Choose the region for your instance. Under Instance Location click Change AWS Region and Availability Zone and select the appropriate region.

Be sure to create all the resources for this workshop in the same region

  • Make sure that Linux/Unix is selected under Select a platform, and then under Blueprint choose LAMP (PHP5)

  • Name the instance PHP-fe-1

  • Click Create instance

  • Once the instance shows a state of running in the Lightsail console, SSH into it either using the built in SSH client or using your own (username: bitnami). If you are unfamiliar with SSH please review the SSH primer.

Even though the instance shows a state of running, it may still be executing the startup script, and you won’t be able to connect. If this is the case, give it a couple of minutes and try again.